Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Worn Out

cade through a fit today... when it was time to go to school. which is unusual - because he is loving school this year. after i calmed him down - i asked him what was going on. through his tears - he replied... "i'm just so tired and school will really wear me out. i just need a day off! please!?" a few minutes went by. after no response from me - he sat up and said: "fine. i'll go. but, i will be so worn out after school." he didn't go.


keep calm and carry on said...

D missed him but we all need a day off every once in awhile. D was super tired, I think they really wore eachother out that morning. It was fun tho... let's do it every day ;)

denise kimball said...

okay dokey...looks delish! Good job on the browning!
Thank you sooooooo much for the pie, American Idol, Project Runway, Launch my Line and (for the love) Buttermilk Pie..could this week just be any better?
nope. impossible. simply impo....oh yea...got any left overs of that hunk o meat covered with bread? ;p