Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend

mr.c and i celebrated my birthday in the snow.
we headed up to our mountain home on friday.
we dined on pizza at the neon moon...
where they all sang "happy birthday" to me as soon as i walked in the door.
we wanted to be in good skiing condition the next morning...
so we made it an early night.
we had an AWESOME ski day.
however, it started snowing. hard. the latter half of the day. it was a white out and getting down the mountain was FREEZING! so, we hung out in the lodge for a while. driving home was crazy. the wind and snow were incredible.
but, instead of going straight home...
we made a pit stop at the neon moon.
where my dear husband
made lots of friends.
like her {above}.
and him {who reminded us of one of my fun-loving uncles}.
and this whole table.
{who was celebrating a birthday too.}
needless to say...
we had a fabulous time.
and, once again, this could not have been possible without my
INCREDIBLE parents...
who kept our little darlins'.
{thank you. love you both.}
{and thank you to mr. c. for another wonderful weekend with you.}

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keep calm and carry on said...

looks like a great time! i can't believe bob doesn't have a hat on his head! he must have been freezing!!