Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Letter

dear "sisters", thank you for our lunch date the other day. it made me happy...when i wasn't wanting to feel happy. i love laughing with you. {and crying.} i adore you both. dear cake cafe, thank you for my delicious afternoon treat. cupcake with butter cream frosting and a vanilla latte. mmmmmm....... dear pre-k mom/friends, t and l...thank you for your kind words and messages. i am so blessed to have such fun, awesome girlfriends! dear rollerblades, i'm sorry i forget about you so often. but, yesterday, i had so much fun with you! dear cade, thank you for helping me enjoy the finer things in life... digging for earthworms. watching garbage trucks. making construction sites out of flour. and questioning...everything! dear randi, although it makes me crazy... thank you for being so head strong and independent. for being a leader. not caring about what anybody else thinks. and for being just like your mimi! dear red wine, thank you for tasting so good last night. dear mr. c, thank you for making me laugh when i'm crying. and. thank you. for your amazing love. {photo: LA farmer's market. may 2009}


keep calm and carry on said...

i loved our lunch too. i love hanging out with my sisters!!! p.s. i knew cade's jammies would be awesome!!

Trisha said...

Oh my gosh...I almost cried when I read this....I love you so much and you can count on my to be a "sister" also!! XOXOXO

Trisha said...

Can I just say that I love you once again? I seriously do!!