Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pajama Day..and Other Fun Happenings

today is pajama day at cade's school.
i know this may not look like pjs, however, they are.
every time i go to the craft/fabric store...
cade makes a b-line to "his" fabric.
he usually chooses several sports, tractor, plane, or train fabrics...
and begs me to get them.
therefore, i end up with a little of "his" fabric each time i go.
and so...
his treasured fabric is turned in to capes, pjs, pillows...etc.
these particular pants are NFL - steelers.
mr. c found the matching jersey.
and one must wear a hat with comfy pjs!
over the weekend
the kids and i took the bus/lightrail downtown to the children's museum.
while we were walking to our destination
we spotted a vintage car show at heritage square.
my little guy was pretty excited.
she thought it was pretty cool too.
the children's museum is great. the kids love it...
especially the art room.
we had a very nice weekend.

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