Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Olympic Thoughts

we have been olympic junkies around our house.
every night.
sometimes during the day.
we even watched curling.
{do not get the hype. but, we watched it nonetheless.}
and tonight is bitter sweet.
sad to see it end.
but, glad to have my evenings back.
i have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the games.
and here are some of my highlights:
  • lindsey vonn. so cute and an incredible athlete. i loved when she won her gold. she was so emotional...i was crying right along with her.
  • lysacek. kudos for bringing back the men's figure skating gold.
  • plushenko. won the award for being the biggest ass of the games. {did you see him walk across the gold platform to receive his silver?} poor loser.
  • kim yu-na. breath taking. amazing. broke the records with her figure skating scores.
  • joannie rochette. incredible strength to skate days after she lost her mom...winning the silver. {tears were shed by me here too.}
  • bode miller. made a great come back. plus, he has a great name. plus, he just seems like a great guy. plus, he is pretty darn cute.
  • bill demong and johnny spillane. gold and silver in nordic combined. great athletes. cute guys.
  • apolo ohno. made history by receiving the most medals (u.s.a.). and he's cute. and it was pretty much the only event randi would watch b/c she wanted to see his cuteness.
  • shaun white. flippin' amazing. brought him the gold in snow boarding. we watched in awe as he soared over the rim. and then, after he won the gold, he still had one more run to do...he could have done anything...but, he didn't. he finished with an amazing ride and beat his last score.
  • vancouver. never been. however, i really want to go now. mr. c and i want to ski whistler. i'm sure i could be lindsey vonn all over again. ; )

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anna said...

I can't wait to see you be Lindsey Vonn! I am sure that could be you too! ;)