Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Visions

this little valentine is wearing one of the heart scarves i made.
{my mom and i wore them on our vday outing.} beautiful flowers from the boys in my life. {thank you cade and mr. c.}
darling vday decor made by mimi.
mr. c's vday present.
{picture by whoanelliephotography}
felt vday bags...filled with treats.
and finally...
a sad picture.
although my cake plate looks festive with all the mardi gras beads...
it is EMPTY.
last week, while making some honey wheat bread, my beloved kitchen-aid mixer
kicked the bucket.
after taking it to the mixer doctor
i was told it would cost TOO much to fix.
therefore, i had to spend the bucks and order a new one.
{it was out of warranty...but, the nice people at kitchen-aid gave me a little discount.}
i am having MAJOR withdrawals.
hopefully it will arrive today...or tomorrow.
i NEED to bake!


anna said...

Ohhh..I feel your pain with your kitchen-aid out of commission, I couldn't live without my Bosch!

keep calm and carry on said...

whoa!! you were busy! i can't believe you got all of that done. impressive!