Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blooming Desert

the weather has been beautiful here.
so beautiful, that randi and i decided to spend the afternoon at the desert botanical garden.
{wednesdays are our special days. she gets out of school - right when cade goes to school. therefore, we have a few hours of "girl time".}
this pretty, little bloom and i had so much fun together. the wildflowers are full of colors.
can you guess what this is?
{the inside of a saguaro cactus.}
sometimes the desert grows things that look like they came straight out of a dr. seuss book.
even the cacti have lovely blooms. among their thorns.
this cactus has to been at least a hundred years old. it was huge.
i truly think the desert landscape is enchanting. although, coming from the lush green land of east was a little hard for me to appreciate. at first. but now, it makes my heart happy. especially in the springtime.
and...when i get to enjoy it with my beautiful daughter.

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