Friday, March 12, 2010

Brains AND Beauty

dear randi, i'm so proud of you for doing the (voluntarily) science fair at school. you did not have to do the extra work. but, you wanted to. i'm proud of you for doing the whole thing by yourself. and, for getting a 3rd place ribbon.
i'm also proud of you for being so confident and self assured. recently, you were invited to a "red carpet" birthday party {super cute idea}. you had no idea how everyone else would dress...but, you let mimi dress you you up and make you glamorous! you are beautiful!
and, i'm proud of you for spending the day yesterday at a different school. you knew no had no idea what it would be like...but, you did it. not only did you want to do it, you had an awesome day and made some new friends. i would expect no less from you.
you beautiful, sweet, intelligent girl.
i love you. lots and lots.

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anna said...

she's her mama's girl! Confident, sweet and beautiful!