Monday, March 8, 2010

Clowning Around

yesterday, these two little clowns were invited
to a "circus" themed birthday party.
i'm kicking myself for not taking my camera to the party...
because, it was darling!
they had a clown making balloons and face painting...
miniature pony rides...
fun games...
and cupcakes and a cake - straight from the big top.
i made cade's little romper. it had fabric of four different NFL teams. and his hat had big "clown" hair pinned on the back. it was pretty funny. we found randi's cute, little dress at my favorite thrift store.
she did her hair, braided her belt {with three different scarves},
and donned her new "alice in wonderland" necklace...
{which we saw over the weekend.}
the party was supposed to be at the park, however,
giant rain drops prevented that from happening.
so, it was moved to the birthday girl's house.
the rain did not phase the kids one bit.
fun. fun. fun.

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