Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moments with Cade

this little guy was under the weather for the past couple of days.
{feeling better today...as you can tell.}
and while he was not feeling well...
snuggling...sleeping...doing breathing treatments...
it reminded me of how sweet he can be. ;)
in the last week i have had some humorous conversations with cade:
cade: today at school, this girl tried to take my wagon and i told her, "you need to go after life! you're not the boss of the world. santa clause is!" and then the little girl said to me, "uh-uh. he's just a toymaker!" so, i told her, "whatever!"
{not sure where he was going with the "life" statement. maybe, "you need to get a life"?}
a few days ago we had some missionaries come to our door. they came in for a few moments {to get a drink}. i wished them a nice day...and they were on their way. the following conversation went like this:
cade: who was that?
me: just some people wanting to tell us about god and jesus.
cade: what did they tell you?
me: nothing. i already know everything. ;)
cade: oh. so they just stopped here b/c we are the nicest people in the neighborhood to give them a glass of water?
as we were finishing up a nice, enjoyable run {yes. i still put him in the jogging stroller} he said to me:
"sometimes i wish you went to work and daddy stayed home."
and today, as i was baking {and he was creating...something - as seen in the pictures} there was, yet, another knock at the door. this time - two ladies - from a different religion. {not sure what is going on. someone obviously thinks i need saving!} anyway, he was right by my side as i stood at the door and patiently listened to their "message". i, as with the others, wished them a nice day and sent them on their way. after they left cade said, "more people trying to tell you about god?" {me: "yup."} "but, we still already know everything." {not a question. a statement.}
and finally, as i was visiting with the other pre-k moms today, a little classmate came up to me and said, "cade's mom...cade didn't say any bad words today."
well, i guess that means it was a gold star day!
not sure what he was creating. he had flour, sugar, food coloring,
and was wearing two capes as his apron.
the kid kills me.
but, i love him.

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