Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

i love spring break.
i love the time of year.
the weather.
sleeping in.
having no schedule.
some highlights of our spring break {last week} were:
  • playdates with cade. at the park. with his friends. and their awesome moms.
  • playing outside. everyday. with all the neighborhood kids.
  • riding bikes and rollerblading.
  • playing at the park with emerson and aunt debbie.
  • playdates with randi and our friends {elizabeth and emma}. at the beautiful resort - jw marriot. having a slumber party. lounging by the pool the entire next day.
  • all four of us spending the day at world wildlife zoo. checking out all the interesting critters. and eating delicious slushies.

it's a bummer to go back to school.

; )

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