Monday, April 26, 2010

Becoming a Wal-Marter

anybody that knows me
knows my deep dislike
for wal-mart.
i have a long rooted disgust for this mega giant.
i mean...over 25 years of anti feelings.
it stemmed in my childhood.
{middle school, actually.}
for some reason
i got it in my head that it was a horrible place.
a place i would not be caught dead in.
if you shopped at wal-mart you were a....
{i title i did not want.}
as i got older, i shifted gears and decided
it was not politically correct to shop there.
they went against everything i believed in.
they were the big, mighty corporation...
putting ma and pa out of business.
i held to my guns.
that is...
until now.
today i went to wal-mart for the third time in about six weeks.
i kind of like it.
the first time i went - i couldn't believe the money i saved.
plus, they carry some of the same organic foods that my
dear, beautiful whole foods sales...
for a fraction of the cost!
and, if i go at the right time of day
the store is clean and i seldom see the people that
grace the pages of
the other day i was there with the kids
and it was quite amusing.
our conversations went like this:
cade: mom! mom! you won't believe this! it's amazing! they only have one toy nascar left!!!
can you believe that?
me: well honey...the same people that shop at wal-mart also love nascar.
randi: where are the books and magazines?
me: hhmmmm....i don't know.
{we search around. see nothing.}
me: well honey, people that shop at wal-mart also don't read.
randi: mom! you can't say those things if you are going to shop here!
and that got me thinking...
i have been to nascar this year.
i did attend a monster truck/dragster race yesterday. {which was hell. hot. nauseating. and, i got stung by a bee.}
and. i. am. shopping. at. wal-mart.
it's official.
i am a wal-marter.
and as my mom so lovingly said...
"so, you've put on your big girl panties?"
yes i have.


anna said...

good for you for broadening your horizons and getting in touch with your inner redneck! ;)

Anonymous said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩