Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Being Thankful

i have spent the last two days cleaning.
under, over, around, behind...everywhere.
things have been tossed to goodwill or the garbage cans.
a little spring cleaning felt good.
real good.
while finishing {on my 7th hour} yesterday -
i started thinking how thankful i am
that i get to do what i do.
{i know. odd time to be feeling grateful...as i'm scrubbing floor boards.}
but. i am.
thankful i get to be a mom.
thankful i get to be a stay home mom and homemaker.
and, thankful i have a nice home to clean.
oddly, while in college...my first few years out of college...even while i was pregnant with randi...
i didn't think i wanted to be a stay home mom.
i loved working and i was career bound.
however, almost eight years into this job...i couldn't imagine
doing anything different.
now. there are definitely days where i question my sanity.
when i'm picking up the billionth toy of the day...
or answering the same question for the zillionth time...
or cleaning up puke...or changing pee soaked sheets...
or not showering until eight o'clock at night...
i find myself thinking, "i have a college degree for this?!"
but, the perks far out way the puke and pee.
i laugh a million times a day.
i get a zillion hugs.
and. i get to be silly. yes. i love my job.