Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun 2010

easter is my favorite time of year.
i love the weather.
the colors.
the traditions.
and, most of all...
mimi and papa's annual party.
we dye eaters eggs.
and then...
after mr. c and papa hide {all 150} eggs...
we try our darnedest to find them. all ages are in on the hunt! {my cute little emerson.] this year was extra special. my aunt {mom's sister} and uncle and their four kids {my cousins}, spouses, and kids all came. it was awesome to have all the kids there. kendall was searching through all the bushes...
hoping to find one of the golden eggs! and everyone must wear a bonnet... a bonnet that is creatively homemade. {even the babies donned the festive hats.} {as worn by my cousin and his sweet baby.} sometimes the bonnets get a little crazy! {as worn by my nephew}
some are pink and frilly.
{as worn by my super sweet - soon to be niece.}
some make you look like you should be working in the rice fields.
{as worn by my big brother...who surprised us all by driving from texas to be there!} {see...we would even drive 1,000 miles just to make this party!}
some wear them backwards.
{as worn by my handsome mr. c}
some really go all out!
{as worn by my cousin's hubby.}
and some just look cute no matter what!
after the hunt - comes the prizes!
the kids listen to the rules of the "prize game".
{it was the "white bunny" exchange game.}
and finally, comes the water gun fight.
every year the party ends with this wet tradition.
the dads and kids get soaked...
while the moms happily sit inside and visit.
however, every now and then a brave soul will
walk through the house
and squirt us!
it is always a fun party.
but, this year was the best.
i truly have the funnest, most wonderful family in the world.
i loved having cousins there...
and all the kids.
my kids thought it was awesome!
now, i can't wait to gather with all of my cousins this summer.


McClain family said...

Looks like yall had so much fun! I am so glad Rich made it to surprise you guys:o)

anna said...

it was so much fun! So glad your mom is crazy enough to host us all! Love all the pictures!!

keep calm and carry on said...

so fun!!! where's your easter bonnet???