Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day 2010

20 years ago.
it was an earth day {that long ago} that sticks out in my mind.
so much so, that this morning i began rummaging through my old
high school scrapbooks to see if i had any pictures of anything.
however, all i had were these little souvenirs.
but, it's not these trinkets that make me remember that day so long ago...
it's this wonderful guy.
{my younger brother.}
we attended an earth day celebration in downtown dallas.
the details are a little blurry...
i'm quite sure we skipped school
and, i'm sure we were surrounded by happy, free thinking, lovin' people
i remember sitting on a grassy hill.
{not too be confused with a grassy knoll in dallas.}
did we eat at phil's in deep ellum afterwards?
not sure.
but, i do know...for a fact...
that i had an awesome time.
a time that i will always remember.
thanks for the happy memory troy boy.
and thanks for calling me this morning to wish me
a happy earth day.
{and, thanks for appreciating my mark twain post. i knew you would.}
here's to a happy mother earth.
and good memories.