Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Boys

i need to brag.
about the boys in my life.
first, cade...
he is a kid who goes all out when he is doing something.
if he sees the garbage truck go by -
he gets out all his garbage truck gear...
trucks, dumpsters, etc.
the same goes for race cars, trains, or whatever he is playing with at the moment.
he does not "mix" toys. he is a very compartmentalized little boy.
yesterday, as soon as we got home from school, he changed into his baseball gear...
pants, jersey, cleats, batting gloves, hat...the whole nine yards.
he then proceeded to drag the tee out to the front yard
and began hitting. all by himself. he could care less if anyone
was with him. however, before long, neighborhood kids were joining him.
this continued until everyone had to go in for dinner.
now, mr. c...
after working all day
he came home and made an awesome dinner for us.
after dinner, he and cade disappeared to the front yard.
we were told to come out and watch an awesome hitter.
and an awesome hitter he was.
cade and randi took turns at bat.
it didn't take long for the neighbor kids to hear the ping of the bat.
before we knew it - we had a game of baseball going on...
with mr.c pitching to everyone.
he coached, encouraged, and laughed with each kid that came up to bat.
he pitched until it was dark and he could no longer see the ball.
everyone had a great time.
in fact, as mr. c was heading in -
one kid said, "so, i'll see you tomorrow around 1ish. i have a half day - so, i'll be ready to play then."
{mr. c had to inform him that he wouldn't be home by then!}
you're a good man, charlie brown.
and, i love you.

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