Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekly Review

i have been an absentee blogger.
i just haven't felt like doing it.
it would require much more energy than i have had lately.
however, there are a few happenings of the last week that i would like to remember...

on wednesday, cade and i had me and my gal day at school.

he made me a crown

{which I wore with pride}.

we did crafts, played, and sang songs.

on his little questionnaire he was asked,

"what is your mom good at?"

cade responded with,

"she's pretty good at playing catch. but daddy is better."


on thursday evening, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at my parent's house with troy, debbie, little e, and her parents {visiting from NH}. it was nice and it is always fun to see pat and john.


saturday was a busy day.

i modeled in an annual fashion show put on by a philanthropic organization and dillard's.

{the day consists of a silent auction, fashion show and luncheon.}

i've done it for several years and it is always so much fun.

that evening, mr. c and i attended the very event where we met

eight years ago. casino capers.

it was fun to get dressed up and feel pretty.

{however, the dress was a little tighter.}

mr. c looked as handsome as ever. hot, actually.

we won a beautiful crib bedding set in the silent auction

and mr. c surprised me with a strand of pearls in the live auction.

they are beautiful.

it was a great night.


sunday we relaxed.

the kids played with neighbors. all day.

i snoozed in the sun.

mr. c made a fabulous dinner for us

{and my parents}.


but, sunday night {and last night} were sleepless nights.

cade is struggling through one of his allergy/asthma attacks.

which means breathing treatments at all hours...

and no going outside.


in between these activities i have either been throwing up.

feeling like i'm going to throw up.

surviving horrible headaches.

or have been too tired to do much of anything.

and i'm grateful for every bit of it.

: )

ps...i also finished the book, firefly lane - by kristin hannah.

sooo good. i loved it. however, grab a box of tissues.

i was bawling by the end.

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