Friday, April 9, 2010

yes, i have jumped off the fence.
after sitting on the "baby" fence for three years
we decided to go for baby number three.
{fifth child in our little family.}
i thought it may take a while...
{being older and all.}
however, in my true form
it happened right away.
{well, almost. it took two months instead of one.}
we are super excited and really hoping for a girl.
{well, except cade. he asked if we were going to give it so someone else...
if it is a girl.}
two days before i found out i was pregnant i had a dream that i was pregnant with twin girls.
however, my first ultra sound showed one little heart beat.
{although, i've been told the other one could be hiding behind the one we saw.}
this little peanut has already made me sick...
and super tired.
but. i'm so excited. i don't care.
bring it on!


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denise kimball said...

Wow...glad I read your blog!