Thursday, May 20, 2010

For The Love of Mom

last night i had a date with my mom.
we seldom have one on one time together.
and last night, i wondered why we didn't take the time to do it more.
i had given her (and me) tickets to "love always - patsy cline".
a play - chronicling the star's life - by the phoenix theatre.
we had dinner at alexa's (a quaint little place - with good food and wine),
then to the show. which. was. awesome!
it was a fabulous evening.
{the music reminded me so much of my nana and papa mac.
the old radio sitting in their bathroom.
the one that was never turned off...
you could hear it the moment you walked in the door.}
we talked. shared stories. laughed.
and relished in the comfort of our relationship.
my mom and i have always been close.
i never went through a
"i can't stand my mom phase".
she supported me. loved me. and made me feel as though i could do anything.
there was never a question of where i stood or what my limits were.
and now that i am a mom myself
i am extremely grateful for what she taught me
and the person she helped me to become.
my mom and i are very much a like.
{just ask my nana - pictured in blue.}
we like to to cook and craft...
and we both have a sickness for things being done "right"...
and organized. much as we are alike...
we are greatly different.
{however, my dear daughter makes up for those differences.
as she inherited the traits that skipped me!}
throughout my life she has taught me many a lesson.
here are my favorite lessons from max:
  • a coke and a candy bar will make you feel better.
  • feeling down? doing something for someone else.
  • it's black or white. nothing in the middle.
  • pull yourself up by your boot straps and move on.
  • if it's not hurting your eternal salvation...then your ok.
  • honey, the fair comes once a year... and you missed it.

thank you mom.

for being the strength during the storms.

and for providing the knowledge, love, and guidance

needed to make me who i am.

i love you.


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