Tuesday, May 18, 2010


it's that time of year when i can't seem to catch up.
all of the year end activities...
teacher's gifts...
making summer plans...
birthday parties {randi's is very soon}...
and just day to day living.
{and trying to make babies.} ; )
i have friends to see {and their new babies}.
people to bake for.
jam to make.
in the middle of all this busyness...
my car got sick.
well, not really sick.
it still runs...it just needs some work.
and according to the dealership
that work would cost about 1/3 the current value of the car.
i drive a range rover.
and. i like it. it has been good to me.
however, i secretly want a minivan.
{i know. i'm losing "coolness" points with every letter i type.}
but, it's true.
today, as the dealership was getting my rental ready -
{they always give me a compact car}
i said i needed something bigger.
like. a minivan.
guess what i drove home?
yup. a minivan.
cade and i were pretty cool.
the kids and i were lovin' it.
mr. c took a little more work.
but, i think i have him thinking...
it may be a good idea.
i don't feel quite as cool getting in it as i do the rover...
but, just think how comfortable our trips to
wal-mart would be?!
moving on.
we have one down...
one to go.
cade finished school last week.
and i was so busy that day
it didn't even hit me that he was done
until later that night.
when the kids were lost in slumber.
and, i was picking up.
i grabbed the little stack of his school belongings
and began going through them.
his journal.
his drawings/art.
his favorite things.
crafts made with his little hands...
and, i began to cry.
the tears kept flowing as i studied his little writings
through bleary eyes.
both of the kids had gone to this little school.
and now we were done.
he would move on next year...
to the big school.
all day.
as much as i want for my babies to grow and experience life...
i so want them to be my little ones.
bringing home drawings and crafts and telling me
all about who they played with on the playground.
have i mentioned how much i love summer vacation?
i can't wait for school to be out.
i'm worse than the kids.
no schedules. no early morning buses.
instead we will have lazy mornings
and play kickball with the neighbors
until it's too dark to see the ball.
the above picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post.
i just like the picture.
me and my mr. c
a couple of years ago in alaska.
and yes, i caught that fish.
all. by. myself.


anna said...

love your ramblings....
I LOVED my minivan. It had the coolest automatic doors on both sides so i didn't even have to hop out to open or shut doors for my little ones. And, best gas mileage ever! I wish we hadn't grown out of it!
Let's get together, when school's out and life settles down a bit!

keep calm and carry on said...

your recent posts have been so moving! D sleeps with her school bag and cries every night that she misses school. so sad.
how comfy you would be on your trips to walmart??......too funny!!!!!!

denise kimball said...

welp, I seem to see a gentle, soothing cuddled filled recovery has happened to you sweet girl. That makes me so happy for you and the family. Looking forward is always a bright blinky sign!
We had the minivan too when the kids were small, fortunately for me, I think I'm cool no matter what I drive....oh jeezalou...maybe that's an unfortunate thing?!! gotta think about that.
We have a new member of the papa joe family, his name is Brodie, he's 7 1/2 weeks old, and guess who is raising the lil guy?
seriously...just want a minute of silence. ok...I'd like 1440000 minutes of silence. (I think that's 10 days?) Rain woman I ain't. talk to you in a bit!
I will live in this Alaskan city one day. It was by far, my favorite trip EVER. Although, I'll never fish again. To much apologizing to the big guys when I yanked them out of the deep blue.
I can't even watch those guys on t.v. pull up the cages of crab without losing it.

Anonymous said...