Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Visions

our weekend was filled with lots of goodness...the kids and i made these delicious cookies
for the wonderful daddy in our home.
on saturday night, mr. c and i had a much needed date night.
we had dinner at mastro's ocean club.
and finished our evening with drinks -
over looking the valley - at the beautiful sanctuary.
we had a new sitter that night.
{whom the kids LOVED.}
we arrived to a clean home and happy children.
and, although they were not asleep...
one pretended to be asleep...
while the other was strumming the guitar.
to songs the sitter taught her. the next morning we attacked mr. c with hugs, kisses, and presents. and presented him with a giant card. it was a story about him written with candy.
the rest of the day was spent outside.
we cleaned the yards.
and slid in the slip-n-slide.
do you remember these silly things?
sorry i do not have a picture of the mr. and me participating.
but, we slid with the best of 'em.
all of that water brought out a little lizard.
of course, cade saw him right away and grabbed him.
however, in his excitement...
he pulled the tail off!
the kids were quite amazed {and grossed out}
that the tail kept moving!!!
{thankfully, the lizard escaped before we could keep him for a pet.}
as the day came to an end
we enjoyed a great bbq
with mr. c's family.
and then a wonderful visit with my parents.
i am very blessed in my life.
to be married to an incredible man
who puts his whole heart into his job of "dad".
he loves all of his kids...
no matter if they were created of his blood or his heart.
and, i am blessed to have an amazing dad in my life.
although he was not the man who raised me in my youth,
he is dad to me. he knows me, loves me, and respects me.
there is not a better papa for my kids
or husband for my mom...
or dad for me.
thank you
to these two great men.

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