Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hands on Hips...Smiles on Lips

randi just completed her SIXTH year of cheer camp.
and. she still loves it.
{that's her in the back left corner - white skirt.}
she likes it so much
she asked if there were any others she could attend this summer.
i LOVE the big ribbon ties in the hair.
and the cheer skirt.
and the big smile.
and, i loved hearing all of the same chants and cheers
i did...over 15 wait...over 20 years ago.
i still say all those chants to my kids.
the first time they heard the cheerleaders say them
they spun their heads around to find my face...
and looked at me in disbelief.
i'm sure they are thinking, "how could YOU possibly
know something the now!?"
let's go! let's go!
{i still got it.}

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