Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Mountain Wedding

june 12, 2010.
my older brother married his childhood girlfirend.
from texas.
the ceremony took place at our childhood wonderland...
mt. graham
{aka - mimi's mountain}
three car loads full of the bride's family and friends
traveled from texas for this special day.
{including her son - pictured here with her.}
at first we all thought they were crazy to pick a location
that had no electricity.
just simple, rustic cabins...with tiny fridges and limited cooking space.
however, thanks to my mom
{who always makes the impossible - possible}
it was beautiful.
the flower girl and ring bearer.
typical woman...
bossing him around already!
she decided she wanted to dump out the petals
BEFORE she walked the aisle.
{flower girl is bride's granddaughter.}
and this darling boy did his job perfectly!
{my sweet nephew.} there were tears and laughter during the ceremony. {which father/rabi/pastor doyle performed.} the newly weds. {oops...picture is out of order.}
doyle did such a good job. it was a very sweet ceremony.
and my aunt darlene gave the most beautiful, perfect prayer.
i don't think there was a dry eye around.
you may kiss the bride.
newly wed = new family.
deana, rich
maddie, michael, mitch
groomsman - donnie
with the bride and groom.
and they danced...
although it was a lot of work,
{especially for my parents}
it turned out so nice.
her family was great.
his friends were fun.
and, as always, my extended family made me happy to be there.
rich could not have picked a better location either.
{although, at first i thought he was crazy.}
my doubts were washed away while i sat there...
surrounded by my dear family.
tall pines watching over us.
mountain air filling our lungs.
happy childhood memories - dancing in my head.
and watching my big brother.
who is finally in a good place.
who is happy.


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