Saturday, June 19, 2010


the other day, while reading the paper... and glancing through the obituaries- {yes, i read them. weird. i know.} a name jumped out at me. "vivan rose". {a lovely elderly lady who had passed away.} it caught my attention because it is one of my names. {you know...the names you have picked for babies you may or may not have.} mr. c is not crazy about it. but. i love it. my great grandmother was vivian and my great aunt is rose. the name reminds me of an old starlet. i could have twins and have vivian rose and katie grace. but. i like chloe too. hhhmmmm....triplets perhaps? oh, but there are a couple of boy names that i love too. i suppose we could be the next duggar family. or, maybe we will eventually get pets {other than stinky fish} and they can have these wonderful names. ;)

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