Thursday, June 17, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

i know. he looks cute. and innocent.
but. it's all a disguise...
you see, the other day,
{while shopping for his cousin's birthday}
he found a truck he wanted.
i told him no. and, he seemed to be ok with that.
several hours later, while driving to the other side of town,
he said to me, "mom, i really want that truck."
i again told him no.
he then crossed his arms and said, "fine!"
he then said...
"do you want to hear a story?"
me: "i don't know. what's it about?"
c: "it's about a little boy and his mom."
me: "ok. tell me the story."
c: "once upon a time there were three kids and a mom. all of the kids wanted trucks and they asked their mom very nicely if they could have them. but, she said "NO!" they all wanted different trucks. but, cade wanted a front end loader. they were on their way to spend the day at the beach. when they got there, they asked their mom - VERY nicely again - if they could get the trucks and she said "NO!" She then got on her raft to float in the ocean. But, a great white shark got her and took her out to sea.
the end.
i didn't know whether to laugh, cry or start yelling.
i told him it wasn't very nice.
and he said, "well, that's what happens."
{pictures are of his very own garden. he grew the first radish of the season.}
{i think he just may miss me if i was eaten by a great white.}


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