Tuesday, June 29, 2010


while randi was yelling "go, fight, win"
this cool cat was
"hittin' the snot out of the ball".
{his words. not mine.}
he attended baseball camp.
not any baseball camp...
diamondback baseball camp.
he was the youngest hitter out there...
and he never complained. not once.
never said "it's hot."
{when it was hotter than you know what by the time they finished at 11AM.}
never said "it's too long" or "too early".
{when it was from 8-11...monday - friday.}
he just loved being out there.
we {his parents} have decided to sit back and wait for him to express an interest in something.
and although he did ask to do little league this last year...we didn't do it.
{we feel there is plenty of time for that.}
this was his first experience of any organized sport.
this man was beaming with pride of his little slugger.
he took time out of his work day...
each day...
to be there.
{and although baseball is among the top five of his greatest loves in life...
he didn't want to push it on cade. it just so happens...cade loves it on his own.}
this great man was also there.
every day.
watching - with a proud heart - his little side kick.
on the first day,
the coaches gave each kid a nickname.
his was
he had fun.
the coaches were awesome.
they taught him...
how to stand.
how to throw the ball.
how to catch the ball.
how to hit.
the rules of the game.
he must carry his own bag/equipment.
he must pick-up the dug-out..."doesn't matter if it's your trash or not...pick it up."
the importance of respect...
for other players, the game, the field, the coaches,
and mom and dad. i have always loved baseball
{and baseball players}.
and now, i love it even more.
my heart melted
while watching smokey and the other boys out there.
and, although he didn't want to hold my hand on the way to the dug out
{and my heart tugged a little}...
there is something...
sweet. wholesome. innocent.
and happy about the game of baseball.
and watching my little guy play it.


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