Sunday, June 6, 2010

We {Heart} San Francisco

we celebrated randi's birthday
san francisco style.
we spent four wonderful days in this incredible city...
and went non stop the whole time.
we rode the cable cars...
had birthday lunch at an old diner... found an ice cream shop on pier 39...
touched the rays at the aquarium...
posed for pictures...
and smiled lots!
laughed at the sea lions
while they barked and basked in the sun...
explored old submarines... {well, mr. c and cade did. it was not randi's cup of tea.}
visited ghiradelli square...
{this was more her thing.}
walked up this hill...
{trying to find a trolley or bus}
they were not too happy with me.
{i kept saying, "let's go one more block. lombard street is right up here. let's keep going to china town. we're almost there!"
mr. c carried cade on his shoulders part of the way.
{and he was gassed by the time we reached the top!} {needless to say, he hailed the first cab we saw!}
we visited the beautiful baseball stadium and cheered on the dbacks.
{however, we didn't cheer hard enough. they lost.}
we happened to be sitting across from a group of dback employees -
who gave cade that cute cape.
we visited the infamous
where i locked them all up!
{alcatraz was so cool. mr. c and i love SF and have been a couple of times...but, have never done the prison. it was worth the trip! very historical and interesting...with beautiful grounds.}
after getting a high recommendation from a cabbie...
on our last day, we rode the ferry to sausalito.
it was a darling, quaint town. we had a lovely lunch, enjoyed the boardwalk,
and perused the shops and a street fair.
it was a perfect trip.
it was fun experiencing it with the kids.
seeing the city though their eyes - made me see more.
i loved watching them take in the "big city"...the diversity...the sounds...the whirlwind of it all. they really enjoyed it.
in fact, randi wants to live there when she's older.
but, i had to remind her that she would have those hills to deal with.
she said she was ok with that.

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