Thursday, July 1, 2010


two nights in a row.
this place has been in my dreams.
not sure why...
however, i was happy to be reminded of it.
it is my childhood home.
all of my young memories are surrounded by this place.
it was a magical, beautiful, happy place.
hundreds of summer hours were
spent picking flowers.
catching fireflies.
building forts.
kissing frogs.
catching tadpoles.
smelling the sweet honeysuckle...
at the bottom of our long driveway grew fruit trees and
crepe myrtles.
it was at the bottom of this driveway where my brothers and i would play.
ride bikes. catch locusts.
and skin our knees {after crashing on our bikes}.
and it was the bottom of this hill where
boys would park to pick me up for dates.
and where i had my first kiss.
just pass the drive way, down a little hill was the three story
tree house where we created different worlds.
and just beyond that was the creek...
where those dear frogs {prince charmings} lived.
around the corner was the pool...surrounded by flower gardens...
where i was sure to find my mom. pulling weeds.
in that old, faded, floral bikini.
it's been almost twenty years since i lived in this home.
but, it will always be home to me.
it will always be the place where my youth resides.
tons of laughter filled this home...
and tears and broken hearts.
but, the happy out weights the sad.
it was the best home a child could ask for.
full of love.
an open door.
and fireflies.

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