Sunday, July 18, 2010


                                                       {troy, me, my cousin.  circa 1979ish}

dear summer,
thank you for making the days longer...more time to swim, play, and eat popsicles while sitting on the curb.
but, could you please bring some rain.  we have been teased for weeks now.  the weatherman says "rain...every day"...but all we get is 115 degrees with too much humidity.  we're melting here.

dear police officer,
thank you.  thank you.  thank you.  for not giving me a ticket the other day {or even a warning}.  although i didn't realize i was speeding, i was. a lot.  and...i couldn't even find my current insurance card.  but, you - kind officer - just told me to slow down.

dear girlfriends,
thank you for a great night out.  thank you for making me laugh.  and cry.  you make my world a better place.

dear randi,
thank you for calling me AND waiting up for me while i was out with my girlfriends.  i'm afraid the roles will be reversed way too the blink of an eye.

dear mr. c,
thank you for working so hard on the yard yesterday.  it was so hot, yet, you kept on working.  and it looks perfect.  and, thank you for loving me...listening to me cry...for being the voice of reason.

dear cade,
i love that you have made friends with the man who drives the street sweeper.  and, i greatly appreciate the fact that he stops by our house {once a month} you can climb in the cab and pull the horn.

dear troy and debbie,
thank you for giving me the role of "aunt mindy".  and for letting us play with your little angel.  all day.  and for taking him to places like chuck e cheese. 

dear nice man who doesn't have a home,
thank you for cleaning my windshield and showing my son some magic tricks.  i wish i had more to give you.

dear americans,
please be nice. and happy. and remember your fellow human beings are people too.