Monday, July 12, 2010

S'mores and More

i've been an absentee blogger again.
i've been a little busy.
i started teaching aerobic classes again.
so, on top of the two regular assigned classes...
i've offered to sub.  quite a few.
last week i taught 5 classes in 3 days.
and. it felt good.
painfully good.
a couple of nights ago.
we made s'mores.
s'mores cookies that is.
{you can find the recipe HERE.}
we shared these ooey, gooey sweets with some dear friends.
my friend lindsay and her husband and kids came over for dinner.
{which was a yummy meal prepared by mr. c.}
we had such a nice time with them.
she is an amazing person in my eyes.
she has handled a difficult situation with such grace and strength...
i marvel.
we had a movie weekend around here...
randi and i went and saw eclipse.
{sorry sister....couldn't wait.}
i only enjoyed it because i read the books.

as a family we saw despicable me.
great. wonderful. go see it.

my mom, randi, and i saw letters to juliet.
romanitic, funny, clean...
set in tuscany.
and it involved shakespeare.
needless to say, i liked it.

then we came home and watched julie and julia.
and i still love it.
to the persistent nudging of my daughter,
i finally started reading harry potter.
{she has begged me to for months.}
when i told her i didn't think i would like it and it may be too "fantasy" for me
she said, "mom, you loved books about vampires and werewolves."
ok. point made.
i had to take the comments off my blog because i was being linked to something
i don't want to be linked to.
not sure how it happened.
so, no comments for now.
{for all the hundreds of you who left comments!}
i have lots of thoughts floating around in my head that i hope to blog about this week.
most of them are {dare i say} political.
i haven't voiced my opinion in way too long.
and there are plenty of issues at hand.
stay tuned.
; )