Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too Hot for Jam

i woke up to cloudy skies today.
a perfect day to make a couple of batches of jam.
cade and i quickly ran to the store to get the necessary items.
{which in turn took an extra 45 we...i mean HE...perused the toy aisle. and i kept counting down the seconds he had before i left him.  i counted down at least a dozen times.  i'm so tough.}
i wanted to hurry before it rained!
we finally made it home.  i made lunch {yes, it was already lunch time}.
and i began pitting, dicing, boiling, and stirring away.
i made batches of cherry and peach jams.
half way through i glanced out the window and guess what was burning up the afternoon sky?
the blasted sun!
no rain.
not a drop.
by the end of my jam making i was sweating.  every fan was on...a/c was lower than usual...
and i was still hot.
note to self:  save the canning for the mountains.

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