Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful Trees

my sweet boy came home yesterday...
and had a melt down.
he was tired.
{these long days are catching up with him.}
but the real culprit?
some horrible, mean boy in his class told
him his trees were ugly.
it broke his heart.

you know what i think?
i think they are the most beautiful trees
i have ever seen.
{and i'm going to kick that other boy's little booty!}
; )

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denise kimball said...

ok, this isn't something I divulge and remain "cool" about when I decide to let people in on my "booty kickin" a 3rd grade boy, because I get just as worked up about it now, as the day it happened.
A VERY mean lil boy was pushing coco off her bike, and she'd come home crying..I spoke to his big hairy mother, (yep, I said it, big and hairy..)to no avail, which meant injustice in my mind, later in the same week was a class skating party, she pointed him out, and that's all it took, I casually stroll to the door where he lay in wait (for all I knew) I grabbed that little skinny arm that had caused so much harm and twisted while dragging his bullying butt toward the ground, while whispering, "if you lay one finger on my daughter, (I twisted even harder) I'll snap this effen bone like a we understand one another? I twisted even harder on the word "understand," and he said in a crumpled heap, and whiny tone too..."yeees ow sss"
and it never happened again
the end.