Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching Up

the last two weeks have flown by.
we had cade's birthday party.
{our first "non-home" party.}
all of his friends were there.
{and my dear friends.}
we partied at a local bouncy place and
had a john deere theme.

i have been volunteering at the school.  a lot.
helping the librarian...
inputting all of the new students and updating current students.
{i've been there so much - cade thinks it's my job.}
and, i have made several of these handy-dandy snack bags.
{going green.}
i've made them out of cotton {washable}
and oil cloth {wipe able}.
mr. c thinks i've lost it...
but the teachers are very impressed...
and the kids like them.
and finally,
i had my 6th annual back to school breakfast with my sisters.
each of our oldest child is a girl...the same age.
we've been meeting on {or around} the first day of school since kindergarten.
and we will still be doing it when they go off to college.

in between all of this...
i've been teaching classes.
and preparing for the holiday boutiques.

happy days.

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