Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Raining

it's raining.
it  was 110 degrees today...with lots of rain clouds surrounding the valley.
but, no rain.
which meant lots of humidity.
it was miserable out.
i mean...MISERABLE.
but, tonight..as i was making dinner...it began to rain.
we heard the rumble of thunder.
saw the flashes of lightning.
and smelled the raindrops.
ohh...that wonderful smell.
you have never smelled a rain storm until you have been in the arizona desert.

we munched on pizza (left over)
and salad.
and mr. c and i enjoyed a lovely glass of pinot noir.

i have lots to do.
i need to finish the goody  bags (pictured)
for cade's birthday party tomorrow.
i'm a glutton for punishment.
nothing like waiting 'till the last minute either.
{it drives mr. c crazy.}
and, i have been accepted to participate in two big boutiques come november...
guess i should get busy.
and the house needs cleaned...
i'm sure i need to bake something...
and i need to email my dear friend,
{from my youth}
whom i have recently reconnected with.
she makes me smile.

but, for now...i will tuck my kids in...
enjoy vino with my husband..
and watch the beautiful rain.

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