Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kid-Friendly Dinner

i apologize.
i didn't take pictures...
it was consumed too quickly.

around our house
dinner is made once.
what is made - is what's for dinner.
no special orders.
{i'm not a short order cook.}

tonight i made stuffed bell peppers.
it was.
a hit.
everybody had seconds.
{even our neighbor boy.}

1 lb.ground turkey
tomato sauce
4 bell peppers (tops cut off and seeds cleaned out)
2 cups cooked BROWN rice (they won't know the difference b/c it's covered in meat/sauce)

*saute garlic and onions
*add turkey
*add tomato sauce  - about 1 cup (i had some leftover pasta sauce...paul newman)
*season with salt, pepper, italian seasoning.
*add cooked rice
 *blanch peppers in boiling water for 3-4 minutes
*stuff peppers
*top with parm, mozz, any other cheese

Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

i scooped it out of the pepper - to serve to the kids.  {mr. c and i ate our peppers.}
they also enjoyed home fries and salad.


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