Friday, August 27, 2010

Letters & Girlfriends

remember when you were little
and getting something in the mail
made you giddy?

that seldom happens anymore.
the only thing in the mail is junk or bills.

we do not take the time to write letters
to our friends and loved ones.
it's easier for us to type away on a keyboard.
or text.
or call.

the other day - that all changed.
as i pulled the mail out of the box
i saw an envelope with a texas address.
from my childhood friend.
and it wasn't just a card.
it was a four page, hand written letter...
with old newspaper clippings included.
i was...giddy.
i quickly opened the letter.
 slowly digested each word.
as i read, my mind waltzed from present day
to a past full of happy memories.
and, although i haven't seen this friend in over ten years...
it was like she was right there talking to me.

what a simple gesture.
to write a letter.
to take the time to tell me what she's thinking
and what has been happening in her life.

i'm going to return the gesture.
and, i'm going to do it more often.
and, i'm going to teach my daughter
the lost art of writing letters.
maybe we can find a penpal.
{not an email pal.}
because girlfriends and letters go hand in hand.

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