Friday, September 17, 2010

The 36-45 Age Group

did i ever tell you that i did a tri-athalon?
i did.
just over two years ago.
it was awesome.
i did pretty good too.
i was in the top ten in my age group...
the "36-45" group.
when did that happen?
it seems like yesterday i was still in the "26-35" group.
{and, on the lower end of that one.}

as i was re-reading my most recent post
i had to laugh at myself.
 ...i was making jam and watching QVC.
i believe i just aged myself right there!

i know i'm not old.
{randi disagrees.}
but, as my sports med dr. so kindly reminds me
{when i see him with injuries}
i'm "no spring chicken".
i have aches and pains from "over use".
i color my hair to cover the greys.
and, most of the time, i think the music {where ever i may be}
is too loud and i can't understand it.
yup. i'm well out of those other groups.

i have loved every chapter of this crazy thing we call life.
but, i don't want to re-live any of them.
and although i have lots to learn...
i've learned a few things at this age
that the twenty something me did not know...for example:

  •  it's ok to say "no".  {still working on this one.  but, i'm more aware of it now.}
  • i don't have to please EVERYONE.  and, i can't please everyone.
  • it's ok to express my opinion...even if it's different.
  • i need more yoga and less running/boot camp.
  • i can't change anyone else.  {and, i shouldn't want to.}
  • i should wear bras more often. {ugh.}
  • regardless of my size, i should not shop in the juniors department.
  • i should eat that cupcake...if i want to.
  • laugh with friends more often.
  • don't feel guilty when doing things for me.
  • love my body.  it's healthy and strong...and that out weights any number on the back of my jeans.
  • keep learning and jumping out of that safety net.
  • don't hold my breath.  i may ruin the moment.

i can't wait to see what the "76-85 group" me will have to say.


Only A Girl said...

I've noticed lately that although I still fit into the clothes in the juniors section (the misses department is still slightly too big), I can't shop there because everything is soooooooo tacky.

....or maybe it's just me. :)

One of the things I've learned is to truly not care what other people think. Very liberating.

Love, Mindy said...

i completely agree with that one! i'm finally getting not care what others think!

anna said...

great post, Mindy. Aging is always bittersweet for me...mostly bitter, still trying to relish in the sweet. ;)