Thursday, September 16, 2010

My the Moment

this is cade yesterday.
this is cade not wanting to show me what he did on his face.
this is cade with a mustache.
scribbled on with a marker.
a silver sharpie.


years ago, i was talking to a mom friend whose kids were all older and in school.
we were discussing important things...
she had received a gift certificate for one and had yet to use it.
i was in shock. 
"what? you haven't used it?  are you crazy?"
"no", she replied.  "i don't have time."
"yeah right", i thought...her kids are in school ALL day.
well, it took some growing up...but, i get it now...eight years later.
now that both of mine are in school all day
i get what she meant.
i'm busier now than i ever was.
but, it's all my own doing.
and i love it all...
but, the days are zooming by.

i've been at the school.  a lot.
helping the librarian.
helping in cade's class.
helping with picture day (that was an all hours).
but, i like it.
i like seeing my kids in class.
i like getting to know the staff.
and the students.
and i LOVE the new school.
it reminds me of the little elementary school i attended.
{good ol' lovejoy.}

i've also been teaching. a lot.
but, that is about to come to an end.
at least for now.
those weekly commitments are cramping my style. : )
i will sub only.

and, i've been jamming and sewing.
{which is what i should be doing right now.}
last night, i made pear jam...mmmmm.
the two november boutiques i am participating in will be here before i know it.
and.  i'm a little anxiety ridden.
the problem is...
i'm a...
i always get things done {on time}.
but, i tend to wait 'till the last minute.
{drives mr. c crazy.}
so, i'm trying very hard to be prepared and have things ready well before the events.
my other problem is...
i'm obsessive compulsive about my house.
everything has to be picked up, cleaned, laundry and ironing done, etc...
before i tackle a project.
it's a sickness. i know.
trust me, it makes me batty.
but, what am i going to do.
i am who i am.
{thanks mom.}

we i have been working diligently on homework and bed time rituals.
i think we finally have it down.
homework gets done right away.
free time.
dinner at 6.
story time 8{ish}.
lights out.
{randi has been wanting to come to cade's story time each night...and i love it.}

randi and i have been having nightly scrabble games.
i love that girl.
{and i would not be able to play if it not for the handy dandy scrabble dictionary.}

and, guilty pleasure of the moment...
rachel zoe.
there is just something about her and her show
{the rachel zoe project.}
she annoys me...yet, i keep watching.
and, last night, as i was making pear jam...
she was on QVC.  showing her line for fashion week.
although she had some cute stuff {it all sold out fast}...
i didn't order anything.
i just like hearing them ramble on and on.
every time something new would come out she would say,
"i can't even talk about this {insert item here}.  i love it SOOO much.
i have a story about it."
every.  single.  time.
but, she always has cool clothes, accessories, and pretty polished nails.
love her.


anna said...

seriously, where does the time go? You sound WAY more organized than me though...
and, i just finished raspberry and peach jam! We should swap!
lunch this week? Mon, wed or fri..

keep calm and carry on said...

i'll have to check her out. miss you!!!!!

denise kimball said...

Re: Rachel Zoe! Yes sooooo flippen annoying, but, you can't HELP but to fall in love w/her and her staff.
Not to mention her sweet deprived husband.
You're right Min, she is fab and someday, in the not so far off future, she'll be mommy fab too, and the world will have yet another reason to "stay tuned!"
smoochies to you think about you so much <3