Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Days

 school has been off to a great start...
cade received an award the other day.  a PE award.  for being a great listener and student.  he was very excited.
 miss randi is on student council, and therefore, is in charge of the monthly town meetings {pep rallies} -
where cade received the award.
 she doesn't even mind cleaning after the events.
 the "awardees"...cade front/right.
 two days ago, i was fortunate enough to assist randi's class at biztown {a junior achievement program}.
 she was to dress professional...even sported a new "do".
her job was anchor woman and she was perfect!
all of the teachers and volunteers continually came up to me saying,
"wow!  i think we know what she will be doing when she grows up!"
"she is hilarious...a natural...not shy at all!"
the girl is too much.

biztown is an interactive "town" operated by junior achievement of arizona.
the students run the town and all of the businesses. 
there is a town hall - complete with an elected mayor...
grocery store, bank, newspaper, radio station, tv station, non profits, delivery center, and various stores.
i was stationed at the toyota financial center.
i was with four kids who did a great job!
{we came in second to paying off our business loan.}
prior to coming to biztown, they had to apply and interview for jobs.  each business had a ceo and cfo.
they had to apply for bank loans, pay off the loans, sale merchandise, pay bills, handle payroll {with two pay periods}, and manage their break times properly. 
it was a lot of work!
but, very impressive.
the kids learned so much.

we are loving our new school.
it is a perfect fit for us!

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