Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tuesday Letter

Model in a circle skirt

Model wearing a bow blouse
dear fall fashion,
oh how i love the classic, lady like designs.  i wish i was wearing one...while sitting at a quaint sidewalk cafe...sipping a latte...chatting with a girlfriend.

dear proselytes,
as much as i appreciate the fact that you are out...walking from door to door...when it is very hot out...preaching and sharing what you so heartily believe in...please don't huddle {in your pack} outside my garage as i pull up my driveway.  if i was interested in what you have to say..i would seek you out.  promise.

dear cade,
thank you for getting up early so you can ride your bike before school.  i'm so proud of you.

dear bristol palin,
please do not make comments about your costumes being "the most conservative of anyone who has ever been on dancing with the stars."  because that's "just who you are".  really?  i'm sorry, i must have you mistaken for a different girl.  i was thinking you were the girl who got pregnant in high school. 
{and besides, what makes you a star?  your mom's an idiot.  the father of your baby was in playboy.  what about you? i guess the fact that you became a teen mom with all your conservative morals is pretty astounding.}

dear randi,
thank you for being your own person.  the leader.  i'm so proud of all your new activities and enthusiasm.

dear summer,
that time of year has come again.  i'm so tired of you.  you were fun while you lasted.  now, go away.

dear mr. c,
i fell in love with you even more yesterday.  when you righted a wrong.  and you had already thought of everything i was going to tell you.

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