Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Yogi

my brother and sister in law -
{parents of that cute kid that i adore}
are yogis.
in fact, she is a certified yoga instructor.
a while back,
we were talking about being in shape.
{i'm sure i was doubting the physical fitness level yoga required.}
i challenged them to take one of my classes.
and, they did.
a bootcamp class.
the next day - my brother could not move.
i thought it was pretty funny.
hilarious, actually.
my mom, however, did not share the humor.
she called me saying, "mindy, i can't believe you did that to your brother!"
{yes, he's the baby.}

i'm a cardio junky.  i prefer to run, cycle, do crazy "boot camp" things, etc.
however, over the last year {or so}, i have gravitated towards yoga.
and, in the last couple of weeks i have dived back in to
bikram yoga and have taken some classes at this yoga studio.
{thanks to a gift from troy and debbie.}
and, i really like it.
 a lot.
and, i never thought i would say this...
i'm sore.
from yoga.

i don't think i can call myself a yogi...quite yet.
but, i'm working on it.

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