Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy Things

today was CRAZY hair day at school.
randi styled cade's hair into a -sort of - alfalfa {from the little rascals} mo-hawk.

staying with the crazy theme of the day...
i decided that just because i had no where to go today
doesn't mean i can't don a fun retro skirt, cardigan, and heels.
{well, i did have a lovely tuesday coffee hour with the girls.}

adoring the vintage broach.
{daisies are my favorite flower...they're simple and happy.}

so, just because my day will be spent here.
cutting.  sewing,  measuring.
doesn't mean i can't look cute doing it.
if the housewives of the 1940's and 50's could do it...
so can i.

and, in true retro housewife fashion...
i have a roast cooking.
{with all the fixings.}

1 comment:

breakfast at tiffany's said...

you look ADORABLE! love the broach too @@@