Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Glorious Fall

 last week, we enjoyed fall break at our mountain home.
and.  it.  was.  GORGEOUS.
aspens have been my favorite tree for as long as i can remember.
when i was a little girl, i would watch their leaves dance and twirl all summer long.
{while spending the days on mt. graham with my family.}
 and now, those dancing green leaves have changed to a brilliant yellow.  the mountain sides had rivers of gold flowing down them.  it was breathtaking.  {the pictures do not do these beauties justice.}
 i used the opportunity to take some photos of my funny kids.
 look who came out to play...right in the middle of our photo shoot.
 this young lady did not want to stop taking pictures.  she kept saying, "mom, take one like this!"  "how about over her?!"
 she was a natural.  however, i had to force the cute beanie on her.  she does not share my love of hats.
 and what was mr. c doing while i was playing photographer?  pondering the wonders of the world, of course.
 my little readers.  they both have a huge love for books....and i love that.  {cade is especially in to dr. seuss.}
 this little guy was not in to posing like his sissy was.  he wanted to RUN and JUMP and find sticks.
 so, i let him throw some leaves.
 hhmmm....they look awfully sweet here.  lucky me...they USUALLY are.
 actually, they melt my heart.  oh how i love them so.
 we watched karate kid {the new one} over the break.  therefore, he had to practice his moves.  funny kid.
it was a glorious week.  i love this time of year.  and, i'm grateful to have played in the "fall snow" with my darlings.  all three of them.

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keep calm and carry on said...

soooo darling :) I guess i haven't seen them in awhile... they look so old! I love r's new hair, she looks so much like you. and C looks like he has grown 5 in.!!! beautiful pics :)