Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday

the day started off a little shaky...
randi had a meltdown because her hair was not looking the way she wanted it to.  i attacked it with a big curling iron and cute clips.  which, in turn, made us late.  however, i thought everyone was happy until we got in the car and my little pre-teen began crying.  again.  this time it was because, "she hates being late". {she has the wrong mama if that's her problem!}  but, we made it to school...barely being late.

i went for a long run.  felt good.  until now.  my hip hurts so bad - i can barely walk.  oh well.

i have spent the rest of the afternoon making lasagna for dinner tonight and crafting.  {still getting ready for these blasted boutiques!}

and just a few moments started to rain.  ahhhh...the meteorologists were finally right.  what started as another sunny, warm day...has turned into a mystic, dark, rainy afternoon.  i love it!

happy, happy monday.

{picture from a pond near our greatly loved mountain home.} 

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