Saturday, October 9, 2010


the other day i went treasure hunting with my dear "sister".  we headed downtown to a super cute boutique called melrose vintage. however, it was not the boutique itself where we would find treasures....but, in it's back's junk yard.  everything was dirty and wet {from the recent storm}...we had to dig a little.  there were a few great items that they still wanted full price for {they're crazy}.  but, i found this giant "m" and smaller "c" for $8.  {sister assured me that was a great deal and that i needed to get them.}  when i purchased them them they were just plain, scratched metal. however, i brought them home...whipped out a couple cans of spray paint...and voila!  cute initials for my craft room.

{ps...i didn't do the bangs.  too afraid i would look like a little dutch boy.}

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keep calm and carry on said...

oh they look even better than i imagined!!!!! awesome!!!