Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Tuesday

today i had a hot date with a toilet brush and a vacuum.
{after a delightful "coffee tuesday" with the girls.}

while cleaning, i listened to my new favorite cd.
{whom i found from nienie's blog.}
is majestic.
{in my humble opinion.}
i am completely addicted to her new cd.
and, she has a pretty groovy name.

also, i caught a little of regis and kelly.
have you ever seen kristen stewart in an interview?
she is painful to watch.
i mean, painful.
i also heard too many political ads.
i know i have been awfully quite about this topic.
it isn't because i do not have an opinion {trust me, i do}...
i'm just too frustrated with all of it to talk about it.

upon finishing cleaning...
i hurried over to savers to find cade another costume.
{first choice:  police officer.  now, he has moved on to the grim reaper.}
i refuse to pay $40 for another cheap costume from the spirit store.
{which is where we purchased the first costume.}
savers had a new grim reaper costume for $10.
i was pleasantly surprised with the store.
{yes, i like thrift stores.  even better than wal-mart.}

tonight, my parents came over for
homemade clam chowder and salad.
{the recipe is found here - under barefoot contessa.}
my mom has been off dancing in the streets of florida.
{visiting my brother, rich...he moved recently from texas.}
so, it was good to see them and hear about her adventures.

{the image uploads is disabled at the moment.
therefore, i cannot accompany this uneventful post
with an eventful picture.}

maybe tomorrow will bring more exciting adventures for me.
; )

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