Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile Today...

*morning rain showers.
not only did we have a rainy, cloudy day...but the skies took a little reprieve long enough for me to go on a run.
and on that run i saw two things that made me smile...
  1. a beautiful, full-arched rainbow.
  2. a happy older man rollerskating {not rollerblading} in cool, retro skates.
*making homemade bread.

*attending parent/teacher conferences and hearing nice things about my kids.

*walking into DSW.  {something about aisles and aisles of shoes that makes my heart skip a beat.}
and hearing this conversation while perusing the sale racks...

man:  "oh there you are.  did you find anything?"
woman:  "YES!  i found these cute ones.  aren't they great?"
{she was donning a fabulous pair of black, open toed, ankle boots.}
man:  "well, yes.  but where are you going to wear them?  if you wear them some place cold - your toe will get cold.  i mean, where will you wear them?" {he was dead serious.}
woman:  "uummm...i don't know.  but, aren't they cute?"

i just giggled to myself.  men.  always the practical ones.

*coming home to mr. c making a scrumptious meal of fajitas {with filet mignon and chicken}.

*listening to randi practice piano...playing christmas carols.

*and these goof balls.  they make me smile...98% of the time.

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breakfast at tiffany's said...

I love open-toed ankle boots! She was right-they ARE so cute!!