Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i deleted it.
the lengthy post i had typed out this morning.
although it was {kind of} light hearted with hints of sarcasm...
i stated too many sentiments that may offend some family and friends.
{political sentiments, that is.}

so, i will just say this...
although the election results did not come out the way i voted...
{i'm not surprised}
i'm extremely grateful that i had choices to make and was able to vote.
i hope those who did elect the winners are right.
{i'm skeptical. our elected governor can't even seem to form a coherent sentence.
actually, i think she should grab sen. pearce and arpaio and skip off to a deserted island.  to stay.  forever.
maybe she should take tom horne along too.}

we will see what great changes the next two years will bring.
for now, i will remain blissfully happy.
living in my little corner of this vast world.
kissing my babies.
adoring my husband.
living.  learning.  and growing.

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