Friday, November 12, 2010

In The Land of Cotton

yesterday we took a little road trip.
{a three hour road trip to be precise.}
we headed to the southeast part of our state.
{where my mom was born and raised.}
my mom's cousin and her husband own and operate a large farm there.
they have 1400 acres of cotton fields.
right now...
it's cotton picking time.
cade was chomping at the bit to ride a cotton picker.
but, before he went for a ride...
he got to work the controls of the "smasher".

the cotton is picked from the fields...
dumped into a big bin,
{that rode along side the picker}
and then dumped into the "smasher".
{shown above.}

about 20,000 pounds is dumped into the bin.
however, only about 5-6,000 pounds is cotton.
the rest is seeds, sticks, etc.

after mastering the "smasher"...
he hopped into this HUGE machine and picked the cotton.

mr.c rode with him
{and farmer jay}.
my mom and i waited.
and waited.
as they approached the end of the row -
we thought they were going to stop and get out.
but, no.
they turned and kept going.
cade did not want to get out.

this boy was in heaven.
i have to admit...
it was very cool.
i wish we would have had more time...
so he could have toured the cotton gin and rode more tractors.

it was a great day.
and we had a bonus treat...
when we stopped by to see my nana and give hugs and kisses...
my aunt, uncle and cousins where there.
it was so nice to see them...
and be with family.

this morning, cade wanted to share his experience with the class.
he replicated the cotton fields...
{with cotton we all gathered}
tractors and all!

his teacher said he was a natural presenter.
he started off by saying,
"does anybody know what type of tractor this is?"
"does anybody know what an acre is?"
he explained the entire process and gave everyone a cotton ball.

his papa would have been proud.

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