Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Weekend Full of Thanks

thankful for this beautiful girl...
and to have her for thanksgiving...
and for the bright green veggies she picked from our garden.
{just a few days ago.}

thankful to have spent the feasting day at my parent's home.
which was decorated beautifully.

thankful to have a husband who cares as much about the presentation of his food
as he does the delicious taste.

thankful for this man.
and the wonderful papa that he is.
{not sure how he slept through kids running around!}

thankful for these two sugarboos.
{oh, so thankful.}

thankful to celebrate the wedding anniversary of these two lovebirds.
{how i love them so.}

thankful for these two little boys...
and all their boy-ish-ness.

thankful to have completed our christmas decorations.
very thankful to have a husband who happily hauls ALL of the decorations out of a very large storage unit...
and makes the outside look magical...while i work on the inside.

and finally...
i'm thankful for family.
thankful that my nana has been here with my mom.
the 80 plus woman still makes homemade chicken and noodles at thanksgiving
{and homemade enchilada sauce a few days later}
...both are to die for.
she's feisty.
and enjoys her coors original.
she has opinions and cures for just about anything.
when i look at my mom...
i see her.
when i look at randi...
i see my mom.
what a blessing...
to be in this group of females.

{notice the pearls? 
was not planned. 
did not even realize it until after we snapped the photo.}

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dpapwatson said...

SO SWEET! You are all four very beautiful women!!!!!